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A fun server with a medieval theme!

Survival Games

Players Online

Nothing can beat the classics like Survival games! Go as a lone wolf to gather equipment through vast and awesome custom maps, and battle your enemies until you are the last one standing amongst the crowd.



Players Online

First made popular by the Hypixel Network, this is our take on SkyWars solo and teams! Much like survival games, but with lots of air to make your path to success even more trickier. Last one standing wins!



Players Online

The world famous skyblock comes to Dwarvencraft! With the classic skyblock, but also variations such as Island Duo and Black Diamond! Venture forth to become the best person in the lands. Team up, or survival yourself!


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Join our forums and discuss many things with other people from around the world! Get help from people you never knew could help you before! Submit meaningfull bugreports to make the server better than ever, or fight to get the top messages sent! All of this is possible on our forums! So what are you waiting for! Go to the official Dwarvencraft Forums today!

What is Dwarvencraft?

We used to be a very small Vanilla server, with only a few people. These people will continue to be either staff, or have the legendary [XP] rank. This server exist to this very day, and is still played on by those few people. Those who became staff later on, decided that it would be a good idea to start a bigger server. They hired Builders, Moderators and Helpers, to aid in this adventure. "Project Dwarvencraft" started around august of 2016. In that amount of time, 7 Builders worked hard to create lobbies, arenas, maps and hidden secrets. 2 Moderators toiled for hours, to create and modify plugins to use for the mini-games, gift boxes, cosmetics, friends, and many more. They did not realise that what they were working, would soon be the first popular themed server. The theme, was Dwarven Villages. Almost all maps and lobbies have been themed, and have been worked on to perfection. Those who wish to help those who have done such an amazing fate, can visit dwarvencraft.net/shop. We hope you will have an amazing time on the Dwarvencraft Network. We strive to be as connected to our community as possible in this day and age!


Our Head of Staff!

Hey! I'm the Admin and runs things around here. I am very nice, but also have his limits. Have fun on my server!
Hey! I'm a Co-Admin and I am the head-builder! Everything you see around you is custom made, so be sure to thank the build team!
Hey! I'm the Network Manager! The entire server would no exist without me!

Donator Ranks

€10.00 EUR

Command /fly in lobby
Select Chest Content (SkyWars)
Green [VIP] tag
Open 4-Star Crates
Bypass channel limits (TS3)
Access to VIP Lounges (TS3)

€20.00 EUR

All VIP Perks
Green and Orange [VIP+] tag
Create password protected channels (TS3)
Open 5-Star Crates

Coming Soon...
€0.00 EUR


Coming Soon...


Try your best to apply for staff! We always have a position availible, wether you are a master builder or a java developer, Dwarvencraft can supply! Just click the appropriate button and follow the intructions! You should receive an email from jobs@dwarvencraft.net within 48 hours. If you don't, make sure to check your spam folder!

TS3 Supporter


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